Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Mushrooms I will Taste, or have Tasted, on Vancouver Island

I spent some time this evening writing down all the mushrooms on Vancouver Island I would consider eating or at least tasting. There are 48 of them. Of the ones I have tasted I give a 1 to 5 star rating. In reality I think it is likely I will find and taste about 30 or these. Of those I taste, I expect I will choose to seek out around 20. I'll highlight the 20 that are top on my list. Some on that list are probably pretty rare in the areas I go hunting, so when all is said and done I will probably end up collecting a dozen or so regularly. So far my favorites are the Hedghogs, the Morel, and the Giant Puffball. I also rather like the Lobster when it is not too old. I eat a lot of Chanterelles, but they are not my favorites, though I do like them. I'm keen to find and taste Matsutake, Delicious Milk Cap, Club, and the Pear Shaped Puffball. I also plan to brave the Fluted Black Elfin Saddle this year if I they come out in good numbers. Some reports say they are as good as or better than Morels if cooked properly, so we shall see. I have seen lots of them in the past, as well as lots of the Clubs, but hadn't known they were edible until researching them last year. If anyone is keen to show me a good Matsutake patch, I would appreciate it very much. I'm told there are areas near Ladysmith that are known to produce the much sought after Pine, so if I don't hear from anyone I guess I will just start exploring! Here is my edibles list:

E = Edible
C = Choice
Have Eaten? Visual Feature Common Name Have Found? Latin Rating out of 5 Stars
E N Gilled Delicious Milk Cap U Lactarius deliciousus
E N Gilled Cascade Russula N Russula cascadensis
C Y Gilled Oyster Mushroom Y Pleurotus Ostreatus ****
E w Caution N Gilled Angle Wings U Pleurotus porrigens
E Y Gilled Late Oyster Mushroom Y panellus serotinus ***
C N Gilled Blewit N Lepista nuda
E N Gilled Western Amethyst Laccaria Y Laccaria ametysteo-occidentalis
E N Gilled Fried Chicken Mushroom N Lyophyllum decastes
C N Gilled White Matsutake Y Tricholoma magnivelare
E N Gilled Honey Mushroom N Amillaria mellea complex
C N Gilled Fairy Ring Mushroom U Marasmius oreades
E N Gilled Shaggy Parasol N Lepiota rachodes
C N Gilled Meadow Mushroom U Agaricus campestris
C N Gilled Prince N Agaricus augustus
E with caution N Gilled Alcohol Inky U Coprinus atramentarius
C N Gilled Shaggy Mane Y Coprinus comatus
E N Gilled Glistening Inkcap U Coprinus micaceus
E N Gilled Smokey-gilled Woodlover N Hypholoma capnoides
E N Gilled Gypsy Mushroom N Rozites caperata
E N Gilled Violet Cortinarius N Cortinarius violaceus
E N Gilled Slimy Gomphidius Y Gomphidius glutinosus
E N Gilled Rosy Gomphidius Y Gomphidius subroseus
E N Gilled Wooly Pine Spike U Chroogomphus tomentosus
E N Pored Short Stemmed Slippery Jack Y Suillus brevipes
C N Pored Admirable Bolete Y Boetus mirabilis
C N Pored King Bolete N Boletus edulis
E N Pored Aspen Bolete N Leccinum insigne
E with Caution N Pored Orange Birch Bolete N Leccinum testaceoscabrum
C Y Pored Conifer Coral Hericium Y Hericium abietis
E N Pored Beard Tooth N Hericium erinaceus
C Y Pored Hedgehog Y Hydnum repandum and Hydnum umbilicatum *****
C N Club Club Y Clavariadelphus truncatus
C Y Coral Cauliflower Y Sparassis crispa **
C N Ridges Pigs Ear Gomphus N Gomphus clavatus
C Y Ridges White Chanterelle Y Catharellus subalbidus ****
C Y Ridges Pacific Golden Chanterelle Y Cantharellus formosus ****
E Y Ridges Winter Chanerelle Y Catharellus infundibuliformis ***
E N Ridges Blue Chanterelle N Polyozellus multiplex
E N Toothed Toothed Jelly Y Pseudohydnum gelatinosum **
C Y Puffball Western Giant Puffball Y Calvatia booniana ****
C N Puffball Pear Shaped Puffball N Lycoperdon pyriforme
E N Puffball Dusky Puffball N Lycoperdon nigrescens
C Y Puffball Gem-studded Puffball Y ycoperdon perlatum *
E N Puffball Meadow Puffball N ascellum pretense
C N Morel Black Morel Y Morchella elata *****
E with Caution N Morel Early Morel N Verpa bohemica
E with Caution N Elfin Saddle Fluted Black Elfin Saddle Y elvella lacunosa
C Y Other Lobster Y Hypomyces lactifluorum ****

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