Sunday, September 22, 2013

Revisiting a White Chanterelle Patch

Today I walked up to the White Chanterelle patch I reported on two weeks ago, and had a look around. The little one by the log that I left was gone, but there were lots of new ones. The new ones are softer and bigger, the rains of the last two weeks have accelerated the flush. Here is a video of what I found.
I could have taken how about a dozen nice big Chanterelles, but I still have a fridge full, so have left them for YOU!

Also saw the following mushrooms today:

Short Stemmed Russula
Rosy Russala
Lots of BUMS (boring ubiquitous mushrooms)
Some chorals

And these that I have not yet identified:
A nice large firm fruiting body which I left to check up on when it has opened more.

Maybe Sulfur Cap, I have a spore print on the go.

Another shot of the same mushroom

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