Monday, September 23, 2013

Golden Chanterelles Love Rock, Who Knew?

On Sunday, September 22nd, I walked through a piece of forest very near Nanaimo just off a major trail. I found a bag that someone left behind, full of White Chanterelles about 2 weeks old by the looks of them and by my estimate of when the Whites were at their best.

Made this video after walking for about 1/2 an hours:

Was surprised to find the mushrooms just below a scree of rocks, covered over with moss and Oregon grape. The trees were small and tightly packed together in this steep rocky zone with some moss covered logs here and there. I usually associate Chanterelles with pockets of woody debris or in light salal. Further down the hill I found more, just emerging and still in the button form, again, right out of rock falls with a covering of moss.

I suspect that this habitat was noticeable because the salal and other bushes were absent, thus affording a good view of the emerging mushrooms, rather than any preference for rocky soil, but I would be interested to hear if others have found this to be the case.

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