Saturday, October 31, 2015

Large Fluted Black Elfin Saddle and a Sweet Patch of Sweet Tooth

It is hard to believe that I could love the Sayward Forest, just north of Campbell River, any more than I already do. I've been enjoying it from the canoe for years, and over those years I have gazed at certian forests thinking, "I'll have to come back here in mushroom season." This year I did.

In the above video I ramble for a bit about the type of forest, then show some truely MASSIVE Elfin Saddles, a nice patch of Hedghogs, and more.

Here is a video just of the Hedghog Patch:

And just of the Elfin Saddles:

I'm really interested to hear from anyone who has eaten Elfin Saddles, how you cook them, and if it is worth it. Some smell delicious, some don't -- Why is that?


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  1. I just talked to some mushroom experts about the elfin saddles... they contain a kind of toxin "jet fuel", which has to be cooked out (cook in a well ventilated area)... for me "not worth it"