Monday, October 10, 2016

Golden Chanterelles are out Near Campbell River

Spent an enjoyable day wandering through some mushroom patches I scoped out two years ago in the Sayward Forest near Campbell River. Found lots of Golden Chanterelles at all stages of development, so I would say we are early to mid season on the North Island. I haven't seen any in my usual haunts near Nanaimo, so suspect we are a week or two behind. Here is a video from today, and a few photos.


  1. Had a nice walk today (October 12, 2016). Only found a couple Golden Chanterelles but actually ran into a nice patch of whites in various conditions, and quite large too. Some were definitely too soft but we were very pleased all told!

  2. Thanks Nik80, where on the island where you hunting? The whites have been strong this year, unlike last year. They are mostly over in the patches I visit near Nanaimo though....

    1. That's correct Richard, we were above Nanaimo. It was actually our first trip out since moving from Alberta in April, so I was really over the moon. I grew up in Oregon so I have some experience harvesting Chanterelles, Morels and Boletus but I have never had the pleasure of foraging White Chanterelles, so it was quite a treat. My wife made this batch of whites into a wild mushroom risotto - fantastic!

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  4. Cool, I'll bet that was a great risotto. I love the meaty texture of whites, they dice really well for all sorts of recipes. Apparently there are several sub-species of Chanterelles. A respected Vancouver Island gal posted "rainbow" Chanterelles on a facebook forum and I did some googling, turns out it is a real thing. I hope to spend some more time researching this, but for the mean-time, here is an interesting link: Anyway, thanks for commenting. Happy hunting! May the rainbows bless you.