Saturday, September 10, 2016

The White and the Blue

I've seen blue mould on mushrooms over the years and generally I just leave them in the field to do their thing, i.e. reduce the mushroom to a dead dark lump. But I heard from a mushrooming veteran that the blue moulds are only skin deep, so you can cut away the mouldy portions and eat the rest. Anyone know if this is true for sure?


  1. Nanaimo is played out.

    Went to the path @ longview and proceeded to go through random woods, very far from the path for at least a few hundred meters and found tons and tons of mushrooms already uprooted by someone, even in totally extreme areas most people wouldn't go to. It's really frustrating!

  2. Hey Miles, I hear your frustration and I'm seeing that now too, lots of activity in the woods. I guess the rain brings out mushroom hunters as well as mushrooms! Planning a trip up island this weekend to scout out some more around the places I found last year near Campbell River. We shall see!