Sunday, November 24, 2013

First Frost

Earlier this week the temperature dropped below freezing. Last weekend I had the pleasure of showing some friends a spot I knew to be good for hedgehogs and chanterelles and as it happened we found a small quantity of both.
Then this weekend I visited some old haunts to see if anything was left, and to my delight I found a good number of fairly large belly button hedghogs, and some late Golden Chanterelles. I also visited a log where I had left an Admirable Bolete and found that it had begun to rot. So with the data from several years now in hand I came up with the following table for when the various choice forest mushrooms are likely to flush. I'll adjust it in the future as I gather more data.

August September October November December

White Chanterelle

Pacific Golden Chanterelle


Bleeding Milk Caps

Admirable Bolete

Mika Cap

Pear Shaped Puffball

Conifer Coral Hericium


Fluted Black Elfin Saddles



Winter Chanterelle

Winter Oyster

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