Monday, November 12, 2012

Slimy Gomphidius (Gomphidius glutinosus)

I walked a long ways today and only found two Chanterelles and they were small and going brown at the edges.

The Slimy Gomphidius are out in fair abundance, however.

Here is the first one I spotted:

They were absolutely covered on the underside by little black jumping bugs:

There were a lot of little mushrooms growing on logs. In particular abundance were these little beauties:
Maybe Bleeding Mycena? Didn't try to see if they bleed...

Also some bright yellow ones I can't even begin to identify:
No clue what these are...

Thought at a distance these might be Winter Chanterelles, but nope, not sure what they are:
Not a clue...
Ok, this one I think I know:

Think it is Shaggy Stalked Parasol (Lepiota clypeolaria)
Shaggy Stalked Parasol (Lepiota clypeolaria)
See the whole album of photos from today here:

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