Monday, September 26, 2011

More on Gymnopus dryophilus (with a little Allotropa virgata for interest)

Took a video today of a patch of Gymnopus dryophilus:

I walked for over 8 kilometers today and all I saw were these mushrooms in several fairly large patches. Interestingly the Wikipedia entry for this mushroom says, "often seen when there are few other fungi in evidence." That would seem to describe my walk today. I did, however, see this:
Allotropa vigata??
I believe this is the remains of "candystick" which is an indicator species for Matsutake or Pine Mushroom (Tricholoma magnivelare).

"Allotropa virgata lacks chlorophyll, it obtains nutrients from other vascular plants through a mycorrhizal (fungal) association. Matsutake mushroom mycelium are reported as the mycorrhizal associate." --

So, I will be checking this spot over the next two months to see if I find a Matsutake or not.

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